The 7 Most Advanced AI Robots In The World

AI robots could play a very important part in the future, and it might be sooner than you think. Public misgivings about the fascinating technology haven’t stopped robotics companies from making serious progress in the last few years. Already, we have humanoid robots that can recognize human speech, show different facial expressions, or do backflips. It’s important to note that artificial intelligence and robotics are two unique and different fields. Robots have been around for centuries, while AI is a relatively new technology. Robotics companies apply AI to build robots […]

All You Need To Know About Google’s New Quantum Computer

Scientists believe quantum computers will change the world, and they could be right. Google hyped the possibilities of this new technology when it mentioned it had achieved quantum supremacy in 2019. For those who are a bit late to the party, there’s a bit to unpack. The quantum computer is far from a simple concept. In fact, it’s so complicated that scientists have been struggling to make a useful quantum computer for decades. What’s gotten many people excited is not how the quantum computer works, but what it could do. […]