Seo and AI

SEO and AI—these topics are talked about frequently on the internet, but what are they? Should modern websites be using AI algorithms to help with their marketing? What SEO tips should every business owner know? Concepts by Design is dedicated to providing answers to each of these questions and much more. We explore tips, ideas, and news on the technical landscape that modern business owners and entrepreneurs must traverse to succeed.

Our blog is here to help centralize all the relevant SEO, marketing, and tech information you could possibly need into one easy-to-access place. We’re here to provide helpful and relevant information for your business. Marketing in today’s technological environment is both highly daunting and rewarding. Google and other search engines use complicated algorithms than study search patterns, demographics, and more to determine what to display to users. This information is mostly available online, but it’s scattered across the vast expanse of the web. We aim to help you effectively navigate the expanse!

Who’s behind Concepts by Design?

We’re a Milwaukee, Wisconsin based blog that specializes in everything related to tech, web design, and marketing. We provide tips and advice on all aspects of those fields. Our content is a mixture of articles catered to businesses here in Wisconsin and articles applicable for businesses in any location. Be sure to check back often as we’ll be posting helpful articles regularly! If you’d like to know more about us, feel free to contact us.